light study,  Aaron Turner.

Novel Excerpts

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guest edited by Siew David Hii

Editor’s Note
Siew David Hii

Jonah Mixon-Webster

Cell Theory
Lauren Camp

Queridas tías
Luisa Caycedo-Kimura

Yard Sale
Robin Gow

Duplex (An Elegy Is)
D.M. Aderibigbe

Megan Snyder-Camp

Lesson One in Chinese Character/s: a Bilinguacultural Poem about Heart
Yuan Changming

In Which I Excuse Freddy Mercury from PE
Margot Kahn

Blood Return
Nabila Lovelace

On Self-Deceit
Patrycja Humienik

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The Winter Guests
Tanya Žilinskas

T.S. Bender

Mother Hen
Clarie Gor

Feeding Hour
Tom Sokolowski

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Flash Nonfiction

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Reading Contemporary Russian Women’s Comics
José Alaniz

Pravda (2010)
Varvara Pomidor

My Sex (2014)
Alyona Kamyshevskaya

I Am an Elephant (2017)
Vladimir Rudak
Lena Uzhinova

Survilo (2019)
Olga Lavrenteva

Storm Diary (2019)
Yulia Nikitina

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Graybeal-Gowen Prize for Virginia Poetry

Judged by Oliver de la Paz

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Celebrating Trans Poets from Puerto Rico

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For a few dollars / I will let you own the faint smell of my mother and / a quilt that comes alive at night and tries to heal you / with spoonfuls of olive oil.

—Robin Gow, “Yard Sale”