Shenandoah  will open for fiction on February 1 and will remain open until we have received all the mss we believe we can consider before May.  We will open for short short stories and the Graybeal Gowen Prize for Virginia poets in early February.  Deadline for the prize will be announced at that time.

If you have not done so already, we recommend that you browse the Shenandoah site overall, both current issue and archives, and spend substantial time reading work we’ve published in your genre.  This will give you some insight into our editorial tastes, the topics (and tactics and modes) we’ve recently been drawn to and our approaches to length and form.

TO SUBMIT, go to site below:

Shenandoah is currently publishing two completely new online issues a year (with regular updates and supplements and a blog that never closes) and is open for submissions of previously unpublished work in the areas of poetry, short stories, short short stories, creative nonfiction, interviews and reviews.  We recommend queries concerning reviews and interviews.   During reading periods, poetry submissions can be sent with an SASE to Shenandoah/ Washington & Lee University/ Lexington, VA 24450 of through the SUbmittable link on this page.  We will consider work simultaneously submitted to another journal, but we request that the author notify us immediately [ or (540) 458-8908], if the work is accepted elsewhere.  Please visit and contribute to our blog and comments on the work in this issue.

Shenandoah does not consider previously published work.  If any work in a poetry submission is accepted elsewhere, we ask that writers withdraw the entire submission.  While this isn’t our favorite practice, it does assist our small and rotating staff.

We do encourage ARTISTS to submit portfolios.  We use the work of one artist per issue, and as our design suggests, we prefer photographers and painters who work with a horizontal orientation or who are willing to have their work cropped to fit our template, remembering that in the actual issue we present the work in its original shape and proportions.

Our reading time is usually 6-8, and accepted work is published within a year of acceptance.  Prior to that date we will need an electronic copy of the work, a photograph of the author, biographical information a completed contract and W-9 form.  We ask that our contributors be willing to provide an audiofile for some work; Shenandoah will provide instructions for accomplishing this through Audacity.  Payment will coincide with publication.  All published work will be archived online.

Summer Reading Moratorium: Unsolicited manuscripts will not be read between mid-April and early September most years.

The BEVEL SUMMERS PRIZE for Short Short Stories will not be awarded in the 2015-2016 academic year.

“This preacher is name Bevel and there’s no better preacher around,” Mrs. Connin said.
— Flannery O’Connor

Suggestions for all submissions: Print (in a font no smaller than 12’) your manuscript on one side of the page only. Double-space (or one-and-a-half space) prose submissions. Number pages consecutively, and use margins of at least one inch. If there are breaks in the prose stronger than starting a new paragraph, place as asterisk in the line between the two paragraphs, then resume the text on the next line.  Place your name and address in an upper corner of the first page. Cover letters should be brief and business-like, containing the kind of information Shenandoah includes in contributor notes. Address the outer, page-sized envelope to the Editor and write your name and address on the upper left corner of the envelope. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your manuscript; we will not return or respond to manuscripts not accompanied by an SASE.  Although we are not accepting mss. electronically, when we do we will announce it here and give formatting instructions.

We ask that writers not send unsolicited manuscripts via priority mail or with Personal marked on the envelope.  If such indicators of urgency route the submission to the wrong desk, the review process may be impeded rather than facilitated.

Each submission should include work from only one genre. Submit 3 to 5 poems; prose submissions should not exceed 20 pages; no more than four short shorts per submission.   Due to our current format, we have a particular interest in stories under twenty pages.  Shenandoah does not publish work which has been previously published either in print or on line. We also recommend that writers submit to Shenandoah no more often than twice a year. Please send a query to the editor before sending unsolicited reviews.

Past contributors to Shenandoah include Natasha Trethewey, Robert Wrigley, Margaret Gibson, Eamon Grennan, Stephen Dunn, Alyson Hagy, Fred Chappell, Ha Jin, Mebdh McGuckian, Rick Bass, Ezra Pound, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Steve Scafidi, Jr., Lisa Sandlin, Brendan Galvin, Rosanna Warren, Rodney Jones, Linda Pastan, Michael Longley, Alice Friman, Gibbons Ruark, Wallace Stevens, Reynolds Price, Flannery O’Connor, e. e. cummings, Seamus Heaney, Rita Dove, Ted Kooser, Barry Lopez, Mary Oliver and Kathryn Stripling Byer.  We are also desperately seeking new writers whose names and work will someday be as recognizable as those above.

Former student workers at Shenandoah include Mark Richard, Christian Wiman, Matt Null and Rebecca Makkai.  Former editors include Tom Wolfe, Tom Carter, James Boatwright and Dabney Stuart.

Shenandoah seems about the best bargain in literature that one could possibly find these days.  It has more beauty between its covers than anything I have read in a long time.

Literary Magazine Review

I don’t have a lot of time.  I can give a poem a couple of lines, a short story a paragraph, and a novel a few pages, then if I can stop reading without a sense of loss, I do, and I go on to something else.

—  Flannery O’Connor

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