Recommended Reading

DESCENT by Katherine Stripling Byer (LSU, 2012)

by Philip Belcher

What a pleasure it’s been to spend time with Kay Byer’s volume of meditative poems and find there a poetry that is profound but that resists the temptation to flaunt all of the effort it took to be that way.  … Continue reading

Under the Red Flag (Univ. of Georgia Press, 1997) by Ha Jin

by Sophie Xiong

Terrified and fanatical, the characters in Under the Red Flag run amok. In his collection of short stories, Ha Jin depicts the calamity of mass hysteria, which fueled the delirium in Mao-China’s Cultural Revolution. As a teenager, Jin joined the … Continue reading

Bone-Hollow, True: New and Selected Poems (Texas Review Press, 2013) by Jack B. Bedell

by William Wright

Jack B. Bedell’s Bone-Hollow, True: New & Selected Poems marks a mid-career milestone for a poet that’s helped define Louisiana’s contemporary poetry, as well as Southern poetry in general. Divided into four sections—New Poems, Call and Response, Come Rain, Come … Continue reading

HARLOW (Texas Review Press, 2013) by David Armand

by William Wright

Winner of the George Garrett Fiction Prize for his novel The Pugilist’s Wife (Texas Review Press, 2011), David Armand second novel, Harlow, is a raucous and evocative tale, the story of a young boy, Leslie, attempting to find his father, … Continue reading