Summer Blog Feature

Where I Come From a Hushpuppy Is Not a Fuzzy Shoe (the editor’s early summer blog interlude)

In lieu of the regular Snopes blog posts till June, a socio-culinary offering. Continue reading

Featured in this Issue

SPRING ISSUE OF SHENANDOAH Now Available (Michael Chitwood’s “His Chair” will also appear on Poetry Daily on May 22.)

Stories, poems, essays and reviews about topics as diverse as the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself, the last days of Calamity Jane, church cap in Hawaii, country western song writers, prison lockdowns, pro wrestlers, surviving the Depression, Catullan scorn poems (social media careerism in the cross-hairs of one), a wildish woman, the Lindberg kidnapping, mountain women and dementia among the subjects. Continue reading


Under Discussion Now

Walls, anyone? The fresh and necessary air of literature. VISIT OUR BLOG FOR EVERYTHING FROM POGO THE POSSUM TO HARPER LEE. Continue reading

Poem of the Week

Michael Longley: An Amish Rug

A beautiful, exact and modest poem by Irish poet Michael Longley. Continue reading