Summer Reading Suggestions

Something old, new, borrowed . . .

A few books to distract from current events or to fortify us. Continue reading

Beloved American Poet

i.m. Kathryn Stripling Byer (1944-2017)

Condolences to family, readers and friends of SHENANDOAH mainstay Kay Byer. Under construction: A Tribute Continue reading

A Ballad of Yearning and Recollection

Graybeal-Gowen Poetry Winner — Annie Woodford for “Arena Chapel Stringband Ballad”

Darren Morris of Richmond is runner-up Continue reading


Under Discussion Now

Walls, anyone? The fresh and necessary air of literature. VISIT OUR BLOG FOR EVERYTHING FROM POGO THE POSSUM TO HARPER LEE. Continue reading

Poem of the Week

Wallace Stevens: The Snow Man

Mindofwinter,mindofwinter,mindofwinter Continue reading