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National Poetry Month/ WLU poet Deborah Miranda

INDIAN COUNTRY by Deborah A. Miranda – for John T. Williams, and all Indians living on the street 1. On Broadway or 1st Ave, on Capitol Hill or Pioneer Square, the Indians gather in doorways or benches or grassy bits of … Continue reading


SHENANDOAH closed for submissions till September

We look forward to a fresh start in the fall. Continue reading



Under Discussion Now

Featuring posts about hunting the wild turkey and the tamer hunter; the importance of book stores; breaking into the literary pantheon, and much more. Continue reading


Poem of the Week

A VERY STILL LIFE by Nancy Willard

The night after the service, his sister appears to him.  She is gathering her paintings for the show her gallery promised: seascapes like bowls of broth, moons like Camembert wheels, chunked off and eaten.  Her life’s work! She asks his … Continue reading