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COMING October 6

A Special Issue Featuring Noir Writing

Stories, poems, essays & images with a noir flavor, plus a lagniappe of our usual fine writing. Continue reading

Photographer NOTES!!! more the better!

Poem of the Week

“Landscapes and Omens” by Kevin Meaux

An account examining the effect of time on memory and tradition. Continue reading


SHENANDOAH to Open for Submissions

In his book ON THE ART OF WRITING (1918), Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch recommended that when an author “feels an impulse to perpetuate an exceptionally fine piece of writing,” that he/she go right ahead, but them excise such delicacies before placing them before the public. “Murder your darlings,” was his phrase for this stern editing process, and the advice is still valuable. SHENANDOAH is now open for fiction, non-fiction and review submissions and for poetry and flash fiction on October 1. Follow the Submission link on the tab bar above. Visit our quotations box for further words of wisdom. Continue reading

Hi-res Author Photo - William Wright

Change in SHENANDOAH staff.

Shenandoah Names Assistant Editor

Shenandoah is pleased to announce the appointment of William Wright as assistant editor. Continue reading



Under Discussion Now

What is a Booksellers’ Conference?
Sept. 22: Shenandoah open for fiction and non-fiction submissions.
A. R. Ammons
A farewell to poet Diann Blakely. Continue reading