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Poem of the Week

“The Slave Mother, A Tale of Ohio,” by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

In on honor of Black History Month, this poem features Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, a celebrated anti-slavery advocate and talented poet. Continue reading

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Secrets of the Craft

Editors at Work

So we’re unanimous on this one, right? Continue reading



NOW READING FICTION AND POETRY! / Graybeal-Gowen Prize/ Change in Withdrawal Protocols/ Shakespeare Feature

Graybeal-Gowen Prize to run March 1-April 1. / Shenandoah is currently considering essays — both scholarly and personal — on Shakespeare for a special feature in our spring issue. Continue reading

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Under Discussion Now

Trump, Duggars & Offred! How to write the YA novel. Experimental Literature — NOX, MAUS, et al. Icelandic chess art and northern history. The film TANGERINES. Zombies to the right of me . . . . YA Fiction and the needs it meets (all $ aside). Will Wright and Synesthesia. The narrative element of gaming. A river runs through it, and a sentence, as well. PC Versus Responsible Speech. Continue reading