Poem of the Week

“Pondycherry” by Brendan Galvin

Emerson suggested that every word harbors a fossil, but what are the implications of this claim beyond the linguistic? Continue reading

Sunday In

Special Poetry Feature

The Mountains and the Swamp: An Interview with Poet Michelle Boisseau

In an exclusive interview Philip Belcher questions award-winning poet Michelle Boisseau concerning matters of craft, inspiration, the personal and the cultural in poetry. Continue reading

Ron Smith Photo 2014

Updraft # 4

Virginia Poet Laureate Answers Reader Questions

The fourth and final reader question generously, imaginatively and eloquently answered by outgoing Virginia Poet Laureate Ron Smith, who has the gratitude of the Shenandoah community. Continue reading

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Under Discussion Now

Who owns the words, and who wrote the speech?Dulcimers! Woodpeckers, zealots, shackles & Shallots. E.D. and “the admiring bog” (or blog or social media brag). R-U-B-I-C-O-N! VISIT OUR BLOG TO READ ABOUT EVERYTHING FROM POGO THE POSSUM TO HARPER LEE. Continue reading