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Chills and romance on the midway to pass a summer day.

July Reading: King’s JOYLAND

In Stephen King’s coming-of-age spectral crime story, college students work at a carnival, which works on them. Continue reading


Prize Announcement

Bevel Summers Contest Winner Emily Pease

“Church Retreat, 1975″ by Emily Pease of Williamsburg, Virginia, has been named by final judge Nick Ripatrazone… Continue reading


"How Dare You?": A New Interview with Novelist Jon Clinch

Jon Clinch, Novelist

Jon Clinch speaks to SHENANDOAH interns on Twain, his own book FINN and the work and pleasures of the writing life. Continue reading



Under Discussion Now

Sarah Kennedy: Salem Witchcrap?
Charles Wright: Shall We Gather at the River?
Library of Virginia Literary Award Finalists
Annie Persons in New Haven on Reflective Silence: Rare but not Obsolete
Shakespeare, H.D. and the Bloomsbury Group, gone from London, yet not.
Continue reading