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The Spirit of Justice

Poem of the Week

“My Heart Is like a Withered Nut!” by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

The speaker’s condition seems to be nothing less than depression: a dulling of the senses; an inability to experience strong emotion, whether painful or pleasant; but nonetheless an oppressive unhappiness through a knowledge of what has been lost. Continue reading



Virginia Poet Laureate Answers Questions

Readers may submit poetry questions to Shenandoah.
First question: Does it matter how a poem looks on the page or on the computer screen? Continue reading


Contest for VA POETS

Graybeal-Gowen Contest for VA Poets Runs Oct 15-Nov 15

Contest for VA Poets begins Oct 15, ends Nov. 15 Continue reading



Under Discussion Now

The urge to make and consume stories: why we write. Short-shorts? (stories, we mean). Blog prose and pros. Continue reading