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Autumn Song

This poem takes a look at the beauty and vivacity of Fall, inspiring her readers to absorb it entirely. Continue reading

Poet Ron Smith of Richmond

VA Poet Laureate to Answer Poetry Questions for Shenandoah

Readers may submit poetry questions to Shenandoah, and Ron Smith will choose one every 3 or 4 weeks and respond. Continue reading


SHENANDOAH Featured on Poetry Daily October 22

KUDOS to Kathleen Driskell, whose poem “What the Girl Wore” will be the featured poem on Poetry Daily ( on Wednesday, October 22.
In his book ON THE ART OF WRITING (1918), Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch recommended that when an author “feels an impulse to perpetuate an exceptionally fine piece of writing,” that he/she go right ahead, but them excise such delicacies before placing them before the public. “Murder your darlings,” was his phrase for this stern editing process, and the advice is still valuable. SHENANDOAH is now open for fiction, non-fiction and review submissions and for poetry and flash fiction on October 1. Follow the Submission link on the tab bar above. Continue reading


Under Discussion Now

What are the landscape and climate of the blogosphere, and what benefits and liabilities come with being a blogophile?
Zombie Lit and Highbrow Fiction: Has the horror/apocalypse novel displaced naturalistic-realistic “monsterless” fiction as the mainstream of American literature? Continue reading