A Stand of Swamp Maples in Purcellville, Virginia

by Brian Brodeur

Click to hear Brian Brodeur read “A Stand of Swamp Maples in Purcellville, Virginia” From the window you can see which trees I mean. I used to have a view for twenty acres of pine and poplar woods, a cattle … Continue reading

Love Poem from the Wrong Side of the Rain

by Lynn Powell

What would April do?  Tease hidden meanings from the bulbs, raise the stakes and double my entendres, and bet all my roses on the bottom line. But it’s the season of embarrassed trees, the modest charms of leaf-rot and briar … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theory

by Elizabeth Langemak

In Arkansas the red-wings go down, nearly two thousand slapped out of the night. Beaks pointed, wings drawn to their sides as men shot from cannons, they land unseen, on their sides, like pepper shook out on a small Southern … Continue reading

The Navel

by Alice Friman

The brain’s most amazing function is that it enables us to think about how we think. I say, mucking in the frontal cortex, stirring the neural soup, makes for migraines. Since when was the navel we so loved to gaze … Continue reading

Gretel Released Unharmed

by David Moolten

Click to hear David Moolten read his poem, “Gretel Released Unharmed” Holding a knife, the old woman looks out On dark familiar country through the window Which frames her like an oven’s lit square. Trees swallow the girl whole. Her … Continue reading

Sunday Walk

by Billy Collins

Not only colorful beds of flowers ruffled today by a breeze off the lake but the ruffled surface of the lake itself, and later a boathouse and an oak tree so old its heavy limbs rested on the ground. And … Continue reading

The Davydov

by Donald Platt

An audio recording of Donald Platt reading “The Davydov“                           The sadness one millimeter under my psychotherapist’s voice seems always about to break through                           like the first strident notes of Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor.  Dave had to cancel                           our … Continue reading

Cradle Song to One Who Is Afraid of the Dark

by Frannie Lindsay

Here is the eager shadow a stairwell casts when the oak wood boards for the steps are still being sawed Here is the solemn shadow of hair, not necessarily over a face Here is a curtain’s mannered shadow, behind which … Continue reading

The Brazos

by John Poch

Click to hear John Poch read his poem, “The Brazos” Below the Possum Kingdom Dam, this stretch, like a housewife toward a happy anniversary, hurries certainly, knowing how steadily, far but sure like an ocean gussied up with palms and … Continue reading

Coming Home

by Alice Friman

Click to hear Alice Friman read her poem, “Coming Home” Early March, and a pale sky tightens down spiteful. What clump of green there is seems vulgar, out of place, superfluous as last year’s newspaper or the curtain in that … Continue reading