HIS OTHER LIFE: Searching for My Father, His First Wife and Tennessee Williams

by Melanie McCabe

At night in bed, waiting for sleep to make my mind stop chasing itself, I began praying to Hazel Kramer. Well, not exactly praying. More like bargaining. More like begging. Let me tell your story, I said to her. Let … Continue reading

from AN URBAN VERMONT BEE YARD: Telling the Bees

by Patricia Ferreira

  Talking lips don’t grow cold; babble and jabber. Inside a beehive, a fortune. Abracadabra. What was lost was held inside a tale. The tall stories I told utterly real. from “Scheherazade” by Carol Ann Duffy I Snow fell until … Continue reading

Elegy for Dracula

by Randon Noble

In the summer he wore madras shorts and a black turtleneck and small, round dark-framed glasses. He was from a different town, went to a different school, and I was intrigued by this tall thin figure half in black. And … Continue reading

Follow the Wind

by Katherine Dykstra

They found the hiker in the sulfur mine the week before Parker and I arrived. He had been slumped against the wall of the cave, perfectly preserved — clothes intact, hair in place — mummified by the same yellow fumes … Continue reading

Alfred Hitchcock’s Grammar

by Michael Hess

The sun was shining and it was one hundred degrees, hot, very hot, but I was drinking lots of water and feeling that I could peddle for the rest of the day and into the night. I was on the … Continue reading

The Daytona Seasons

by Jacob White

Chunking through channels at two a.m., I hit a dead zone. There’s not even static, just the black glow you see behind your eyelids. I become aware of my dark room, a little station above the night sea. I think … Continue reading