Dopamine Agonistes

by Constance Squires

Lorne Taggart stood at his front door waiting for the mail. He watched the surface of his coffee vibrate with his hands, concentric circles rippling out from the center of the cup, then another vibration, this one in his front … Continue reading

A Matter of Procedure

by Jessica Miller

I wanted him, but I wanted to be sure. I don’t inspire chivalry. I take after my mother in that I am five two and have the appendages of a WWE wrestler. My mother is one of those women who … Continue reading


by Kevin Hardcastle

Come pale morning the old woman found a greycoat squirrel drifting dead in the swimming pool waters. It travelled slow to the south-end, trawling leaves and surface algae. Pegged there its wasted tail stropped the lip-molding. Emily Moore stood outside … Continue reading


by Michael Caleb Tasker

  At night, when the temperature fell to freezing and he couldn’t sleep, William Taylor sat out on his porch and watched the blue-black land roll away from him, listening to the soft hush of the snakes, their rattles calling … Continue reading

The Pig Farmer’s Burden

by Darren Guest

The first time I set eyes on Lloyd Toomey was on the far side of my north field. From a distance he didn’t look much thicker than the fencepost he was stood next to, and as I neared, he didn’t … Continue reading