Flash Fiction

Beyond Apices on the Stepladder of an Hour

by Dan Gutstein

Mirabelle had painted her right-side cheekbone the same broken capillary hue, backhand bruise to the left, suborbital and slackening. She plunged the chain to the light bulb swaying above the mirror, a sixty watt slumber, and wrinkled the afternoon in … Continue reading

Letter to Lucretius

by Chris Cokinos

I went to the farthest brink, as you advised, to launch the spear you so often spoke of, and, Lucretius, I tell you that it hit hard against a boundary–precisely what we do not know–and spear after spear fell against … Continue reading


by Holly Thompson

Her love for Mentos began in Taipei when a conference colleague offered one to her son to keep him content while Kay viewed the Palace Museum exhibits—the boy held the flattened orb in his small palm before reverently placing it … Continue reading

Rebecca Rides

by Marc Berley

Rebecca is moon surfing.  Knees bent and always bending, she holds her arms out in an L, a backwards L, then slides them into a V.  Her feet glide weightless along the narrow stone wall that reminds her of cream … Continue reading


by Tanja Pajevic

For David Parrish What finally gets me is the Volkswagen bus parked in front of my neighbor’s house, a bright green near-neon thing screaming Spring! Spring! just days after my neighbor’s son has died in Mexico, been killed, I mean, … Continue reading


by Leslie Pietrzyk

The body flew on a different plane, arriving in Detroit two days ago, at 7:37AM.  She tracked its arrival online.  Not a soldier or a famous politician, just her husband, age thirty, suddenly dead. His mother wanted him buried in … Continue reading


by Peter Vilbig

Have you ever had a ‘pauletate’? No. Do you know what an ‘armournte’ is? No. If you were given a bag of wool what would you do with it? Bury it out by a river, or throw it into the … Continue reading