Nosferatu in Florida

by Roy Bentley

Nosferatu in Florida Maybe vampires hear an annunciatory trumpet solo. Maybe they gather at the customary tourist traps like a blanket of pink flamingos plating a lake and lake shore by the tens of thousands to drink. The whole, tacky … Continue reading


by Melissa Dickson

Audio recording of Buckeye Read by the Author It didn’t make sense to invest so much in a pocketed nut. But for ten sure springs, my grandmother withdrew a buckeye from her purse and placed it in my palm. I … Continue reading

Rembrandt’s Light

by Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson reads Rembrandt’s Light We’re crossing Depression Era bridges and she is becoming more beautiful, driving with both hands on the wheel as we head inland: away from saltwater eddies where every few months an empty row boat falls … Continue reading

Leaning Towards Manifesto

by Corrie Williamson

Audio recording of author reading “Leaning Towards Manifesto” Composting is next to godliness. – My father Take your own advice: if Orpheus is in it or vultures (the impulse there is the same: skull picked clean by pain, mutilated song, … Continue reading

Standard Time

by James Brasfield

James Brasfield reads Standard TimeQuartered deadfall from the hills, oak cut to length, fresh still the smell of woodgrain, a cord to heft, to calibrate angle and curve, to fit, to balance high the stack in rootless equilibrium. As if … Continue reading


by Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes – Ohio We make out awkwardly on the bed. And her shifting weight is a tide or the back of the bus. Have you seen her lately? Not since she moved out. When we go to a costume … Continue reading


by Hinemoana Baker

Hinemoana Baker – Rope He roped me, he roped me twice the second time it caught, fell at the right angle and landed around the bones of my dress. He roped me from the East like light rising, from the … Continue reading

In Corners, Under Frames

by Kay McKenzie Cooke

Kay Cooke – in corners, under frames It concentrates, this house, straining with the effort to remember it once had a green roof and a garden full of pink phlox. It’s my mother-in-law’s childhood home now remaindered as a holiday … Continue reading

Hills, Hills

by Natasha Dennerstein

Audio of Hills, Hills you yellowgreen hills roll seductively in the early morning light you appear in folds of earthflesh and undulate in the early afternoon like buttocks in olivedrab army pants fatigued at sundown I want to wander through … Continue reading


by Janis Freegard

Janis Freegard – Avalanche She was made of rock, had a massive stride, a stone ship lurching into dock, lumbering down the mountainside. She had a massive stride: showers of pebbles flew up as she went, lumbering down the mountainside … Continue reading