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Raye Hendrix is a poet native to Alabama.  She earned both her BA and MA from Auburn University and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Texas in Austin.  Raye was an honorable mention for poetry in both Southern Humanities Review‘s poetry prize honoring Jake Adam York in 2014 and AWP’s 2015 Intro Journals Project.  She received scholarships to attend the Juniper Summer Writing Institute in 2016.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rattle, The Pinch, Cherry Tree and The Adirondack Review.

Wouldn’t give you the name
of every animal I’ve eaten
even if I wanted to
(unless you asked me nicely).

Unsurprising pig, fish
bovine, fowl–consumed
their bodies all
with no remorse. But

if I told you I’d chewed up
alligator, frog legs–slick
unsympathetic beasts–
would you flinch? Maybe
but not because of love.

So if I tell you the names
of the creatures I’ve swallowed
that you could care for
promise me you’ll cringe
where I can see you.

Show me your face
when I tell you how
I’ve savored the taste
of kangaroo and squirrel,

had seconds of raccoon
and tender elk. Don’t look
away when I tell you how
I’ve devoured hare
and youngling deer.

Watch me while I describe
the way my teeth have torn
the flesh from the bones
of innocent things.


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