River Bounty

by William Derks

The weekend the Hicks’ had their Bonfire Party, coincidentally, was five days after Grandpa Storms had won Jackpot at Casino, again. It was Sunday. We were already well fed from a breakfast that consisted of whiskey-hash and the venison steaks … Continue reading

Otherwise Panic

by Mary Kuryla

Muscles tighten, noosing my neck to my rump, and this from a car wreck my husband says could not have caused such an ache. He’s the one suggested the swimming so my husband has only himself to blame for the … Continue reading

Nature Rules

by Lynn Sloan

Metal screeched, the chittering birds stopped, then a thump: her bear, in the garbage that she’d dragged out to the road less than ten minutes ago. Bonnie grabbed her shotgun and hurried to the front door. At the end of … Continue reading

Lilith in God’s Hands

by Courtney Sender

So God created mankind in his own image…male and female he created them.                                                                                                                         -Genesis 1:27 Do not pity me. It’s true my name is Lilith, known to history as the spurned first wife of Adam.  But what story is … Continue reading

Short and Jagged

by Mark P. Lawley

The chasm was a long grimace in the mountainside. It narrowed as it went deeper into the earth, but no one knew how deep it went. Three children huddled around the widest part of its opening, which was only a … Continue reading


by Allison LaSorda

I fell for Waylan while I was cleaning hotel rooms in the Badlands. People drove from all over with their families to see the dirt where dinosaur bones were excavated, and the museum where the skeletons get rebuilt. Waylan worked … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

by Leslie Pietrzyk

“It’s your worst habit.” She accuses him constantly, a waspish buzz to ignore: it’s the toothpick wagging between his teeth, or “Jesus fucking Christ” flying out even on Sundays, or letting crackers go stale with the inner bag left gaping … Continue reading