The Science of Spirit Lake

by Derek Sheffield

It’s the water’s pulse through line and rod that judders in my hands, in fish after fish whip-thrashed into air, into arms and body and day’s heat, all day, day after day, all summer, and into the net where she … Continue reading

High Rise

by Madison Jones iv

Walking downtown, past twenty stories about what used to be a pasture, without the shadow of a single tree, I am wondering how I could leave the casements of my life wide open, screens hanging from their frames by a … Continue reading

Prescribed Burn

by Madison Jones iv

Below the trail, we see the white fuel tanks through the cloud of smoke that makes the flames they cast seem dull. The ranger, in her white fire suit, looks martian-esque against this strange landscape of green and char behind … Continue reading

The Last Days of Calamity Jane

by Michael Derrick Hudson

But in appearance Calamity had faded, and faded terribly. Livingston (Montana) Enterprise, July 13, 1901 A lot of you Wild West codgers lived far too long – skulking through alleys, unstoppered bottles unholstered in Colorado suburbs, cadging dimes, dodging Ford … Continue reading

Elegy for the Von Erich Family

by Eric Janken

Once I had five brothers, now I’m not even a brother – Kevin Von Erich Friday nights, old ladies banged handbags against wobbled steel girders that flaked yellow paint. You could taste the Fabulous Freebirds’ sweat as they strutted down … Continue reading

Her Messengers

by Kathryn Stripling Byer

Now that fields have been stubbled, roadsides hacked into winter submission, mountainside blasted to rubble for high rise and parking lot, I hear them trawling the forest for migrating warblers, mobbing the trespassing hawks. When my neighbor downhill aims his … Continue reading