Flash Fiction

Swim Test

by Karin Lin-Greenberg

  We gather on the last day possible—three days before graduation—for this final requirement, this last hoop to jump through, the one remaining box to check before we receive our degrees. We are lined up in the women’s locker room … Continue reading


by Michael Chin

When you get booked for an outdoor show, you hope the weather cooperates. Oregon in Autumn. I was skeptical. But we went. A good payday for a show at a minor league baseball stadium. It poured. We figured the show’d … Continue reading

Prize Head

by Nicholas Checker

Maxie Rodner loved the moose head that hung on the back wall of his bar. Where it had come from, he had no idea. It had been there when he’d first purchased Bottum’s Up Café four years ago. All he … Continue reading


by Kelly Cherry

She brings him African violets, geraniums. A breeze from the harbor nudges the white curtains aside, probes. Sounds—a crying gull, a screeching car alarm, the pneumatic gasp of bus doors opening and closing—are separate and distant, like islands: they do … Continue reading