Ankle Deep in Paddy Mud, Following

Jeanne Larsen Click to

larsen_jJeanne Larsen has published two books of poetry—most recently Why We Make Gardens [& other Poems], as well as two of poem translations, an e-novel, and three print novels. She was the inaugural Jackson Professor of Creative Writing at Hollins University, where she is currently Director of the Jackson Center for Creative Writing. Roanoke County is where she hangs her hat.

the harrow following the ox who follows
along the chilly creek, field’s curve:
1 more farmer with a short-jawed face greets
us here at Far-strand. This valley’s
patched-in fields unique. Each
valley’s fields. At Cold Cliff’s
                                                        foot, 2 black-blue

butterflies crazy-dance, mad monks
in a kitchen. Beyond the faded red,
a banner, a trace still faint turns sharply up: Cold
Mountain trail. The very cave.
                                                         Come back
in March
, the friendly farmers say as we
depart. In March
                            these peach trees bloom.