by Heather Goodman

The two women stood from the augured hole as ice crystallized on the fishing line. Beth rolled her lips over her teeth and bit down. Her incisors ached with the cold and blowing snow. Finally, Henry asked, “Did you touch … Continue reading


by Melissa Fraterrigo

I didn’t believe him for the longest time. Three years since Mama’s passing, and he continued to see her. Day before the sale, I heard him scramble into his pants and flannel, laces criss-crossing, light still murky uncertain. I knew … Continue reading


by Elliot Sanders

I had a neighbor who said she kept a whistle by the telephone. Whenever a telemarketer called, she’d blow the whistle into the phone’s receiver. I wasn’t sure whether this was a terrible or a brilliant idea. Her name was … Continue reading


by Mark Jacobs

The first test of Filadelfio Vera’s resolve came on a hot day. From the instant he climbed into the Jeep he did not stop sweating. All morning long, rivulets ran down his legs and collected in his socks. They ran … Continue reading

The Work

by Jonathan Starke

Trevor Weersta dragged a dead calf across one of his father’s empty fields. He pulled it carefully by the legs, each hand wrapped tightly around the ankle. When Trevor came to the burial ditch at the side of the field, … Continue reading

At the Bottom of Everything

by Jeremy Griffin

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Conway High Massacre, as it has come to be called, and we—the nineteen surviving gunshot victims—have converged on the large desolate field where Travis Covington, 17, filmed his now-infamous video diary before opening … Continue reading