Speaking of Belief

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AliceAlice Friman’s sixth full-length collection of poetry is The View from Saturn, LSU. Her Vinculum, won the 2012 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Poetry. She is a recipient of a 2012 Pushcart Prize and is included in Best American Poetry 2009.  She now lives in Milledgeville, Georgia, where she is Poet-in-Residence at Georgia College. Her podcast series Ask Alice is sponsored by the Georgia College MFA program and can be seen on YouTube.

Somehow the mimosa,
chopped down in all her grace,
has produced an heir. The stump
has delivered a twig: a wee surrogate
big in bravery, tribute to no one
but a dead mother who believed.

This faith business, a mama’s job.
Each berry quickening on a stem—
testament. Past the crabbing, every
hissy fit, the new clothes balled up
and littering the carpet, still
the mother forges on. Even
after death, rattling in the brain
for good or ill, witness or cop,
sympathizer or the never-to-heal
cut of I told you so. But always
the voice. Blood is blood.

What other offer is there?

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