The Glass Crib by Amanda Auchter

by Nick Ripatrazone

Nick Ripatrazone The Glass Crib by Amanda Auchter. Zone 3 Press, 2011. “There is no pain but the bodily”: so begins “The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa,” the final in a sequence of saint-themed poems in The Glass Crib, Amanda Auchter’s … Continue reading

Break the Skin by Lee Martin

by Ashley Billman

Ashley Gray Billman Break the Skin by Lee Martin (Crown, 2011) Deception and lies, love triangles and witchcraft, unfulfilled dreams and trailer parks, desperation and accidental murder. These elements, so often associated with salacious romance novels, fill the pages of … Continue reading

Review of Floyd Collins

by Philip Belcher

 What Harvest: Poems on the Siege & Battle of the Alamo by Floyd Collins (Somondoco Press, 2011)  I have not thought much, if any, about the Alamo since elementary school.  If high school or college history books discussed it, those … Continue reading