On Modesty

by Anna Vodicka

Asking for it I was young, still in Sunday school, when my mother told me the parable of the girl who was asking for it. That was the word she used, girl. I listened as we drove past the girl’s … Continue reading

Brolga the Dancing Crane Girl

by John Nelson

No one knows when or why humans first danced.  The original dancers may have danced to display their fitness to the opposite sex, please or appease the gods, or act out a spontaneous fit of ecstasy, but these are just … Continue reading

After the Three-Moon Era

by Gary Fincke

[audio:|titles=After the Three-Moon Era] 1 The dozen fetuses of the sand shark feed on each other until only one is left to be born. When I visit, my father, nearing ninety, sings hymns aloud, tells me he wakes each morning … Continue reading