Steve Scafidi

sscafidiSteve Scafidi, Jr.’s poetry collections are For Love of Common Words (LSU, 2006), Sparks from a Nine-Pound Hammer (LSU, 2001), which won the Larry Levis Reading Prize, The Cabinet Maker's Window and To the Bramble and the Briar.  His poem “The Egg Suckers” was the winner of Shenandoah’s 2005 Boatwright Prize. He is a cabinetmaker and lives with his family in Summit Point, West Virginia. "On First Looking into Golding's Ovid" first appeared in Shenandoah 51/1.

from The Lincoln Poems

Steve Scafidi Jr. reading from The Lincoln Poems THE JUNEBUGS Hey boy come here — quick,   so he dropped his rake and ran to the yard by the housewhere probably five hundred   junebugs like a pile of emeralds … Continue reading