About a Book That Isn’t There and the Poet Who Wrote It

by Betty Adcock

I’m going to discuss a book you’ll never find in any bookstore, never see, never own. Its simple title, Twenty-six Poems, names the late flowering of a poet whose talent is deep, whose life has taken him to places and … Continue reading

A Plague of Spots

by John Gamel

Since birth, I have endured the Scotch-Irish curse of spots. By this I mean freckles, freckles everywhere—face, chest, back, arms and legs. At a swimming pool in Atlanta, during my high school years, a Yankee gaped at the quarter-sized freckles … Continue reading

My Life in Snakes

by Cathryn Hankla

My knees recall a watery buckle whenever I remember my encounters with snakes, their undulations across my path, their many permutations. Once, in early summer I nearly stumbled upon an adolescent copperhead a foot long and as big around as … Continue reading


by Lisa Norris

The Hawk and the Swallow Understand this: I had thought long and hard about birds. I had once, in fact, been a Fisheries and Wildlife major. I’d worked at a wildlife research center, fed waterfowl, cut up mice for raptors, … Continue reading