The Changing of Seasons

The scent of fermented
fish reminds me of fall
and windows, the special grimace
of olfactory glands and faces
soon showing satisfaction
from savory and sweet, out goes
the palpable, what zeal turns
sour smells on my breath

In high school, I sprayed
on extra Hollister cologne
to make less odious how
different my appetite

Num Ca Chuk, Ga Teau Baw Baw
fills my spoons, splashes onto my shirt

A welcomed stain

Mom says,              Yum Tran, eat more
I think,                    love you more

Nick Chhoeun is a writer and a teacher at universities in Connecticut. He received his MFA from American University studying under poets Kyle Dargan and David Keplinger. His work provides a discovery of identity and culture through an Asian American perspective. As a teacher passionate about working with the unique ideas of his students, he emphasizes the need for understanding through conversation and empathy.