for Frank O’Hara

I own a lot of your words I’ve read a lot of your words I fell in love to a lot of your words I fell in love to your words love you through your words I’m in love with you in love with a dead man not quite necrophilic don’t know where you’re buried but if I did and I could easily find out I would come to your grave crowning your head in clovers and spooning yogurt onto your gravestone I’m not quite psychotic just in love my friends tell me to read more contemporary poetry but Frank if I’m being frank no one can compare to you my sick dog!

J.A. Holm is a queer poet from Southeastern Pennsylvania. His poems appear in Toho Journal and Impostor, as well as in his debut chapbook Self Self (Toho Publishing, 2021) and is also a recipient of one of the Cadigan Prizes for Younger Writers. He attended the Community College of Philadelphia and is a recent grad from Bucknell University.