Flag Day

by George Singleton

My wife, Alicia, told me that she never knew that she could swim until six years into her first marriage.  We sat on a nice well-stained second-floor porch at a lake rental house, thirty miles from where we lived, overlooking … Continue reading


by David Huddle

Prone to a mildly paranoid view of the universe and her place in it, Ms. Hicks figures the weather is out to teach her a lesson.  She can’t imagine what she’s supposed to learn, but she thinks it probably has … Continue reading


by Richard Schmitt

The ambulance came at midnight in the middle of the week, alarm clock on our nightstand glowing in the dark, flickering lights streaming up through our bedroom windows and circling on the ceiling over our bed. My wife, Mary, propped … Continue reading

Call from San Fran Sicko

by Holly Hunt

It had been six months since her mother had run away from home in the middle of the night, leaving Denise, the seventh grader, and her little sister, seven-year-old Amanda Jane, to wonder what had possessed her to flee like … Continue reading

Southern Bodies

by Blaine Ely

The day after they scrape Eadie Pollard off the limestone two hundred feet below High Bridge, I walk the whole uphill mile to the Dixon Texaco and stop. Wiping sweat off my face, straddling cracked asphalt, I stand miniature under … Continue reading