The Many Regimes of Corozco

by Dan Moreau

Señor Don Armando’s throat was slit in his sleep under a full moon, the same fate that befell his other men. As daylight broke, his decapitated head speared on a stake greeted the dawn, a pointed warning to other outsiders. … Continue reading

Deep-Water Drift

by Daniel Reiter

Chase works the edge of the pool with the shovel, sweat plinking from the tips of his hair, chittering out the perpetual monologue of the eight-year-old boy. Mallory, elfin-eared, eleven, sits squinching her brown toes in the delicious warmth of … Continue reading


by Ron Riekki

“I know how you’re gonna die.” “Don’t say that, dude. I hate when people say creepy stuff like that.” “Well, I do,” he says, turns right on Dixie. My partner’s driving. We’re on the way to a bar for an … Continue reading