Buying the Cross at Bible Camp

by Jeanne Murray Walker

Buying the Cross at BibleCamp Audio             I’m eating rice krispies when my mother asks me whether I’d like to go to church camp. She pours corn flakes for my little sister and douses them with milk.  It’s March and … Continue reading

Excursions to the Town Dump: Poets and Their Notebooks

by David Wojahn

     Late in Queen Victoria’s century, a young Jesuit seminarian set the following entry  down  in his notebook: “April 27, 1871….Mesmerized a duck with chalk lines drawn from her beak sometimes level and sometimes forward on a black table. They explain … Continue reading

Hike to the Black Madonna

by Christine Stewart-Nuñez

Hike to the Black Madonna The aching muscles of my calves began to tremble just as the forest broke away. A white river threaded the valley floor far below. I turned to the right and above the tips of pine … Continue reading

The Sweet Spot

by Joshua Dolezal

When I suited up for Little League at age ten, shrugging into a maroon nylon top and pulling on my gleaming white pants rimmed with thick elastic at the waist, I distinguished myself by carrying a wooden bat to the … Continue reading