In the main Shenandoah Literary site you will be writing a new post for the weekly poem (Post–>Add New). The title should include the poet’s name and the poem title. The add the poem to the body of the post.

Then be sure to make the categories for this post with both the “Announcements” and “Weekly Poem” categories. When you want to take the previous Poem of the Week off the front page before posting the new one be sure to uncheck the Announcements category only.

Please keep in mind that in order for the post to show up on the front page the announcements category must be checked. And to remove the post from the front page it must be unchecked.

Once you have the categories selected and the text entered, you will need to make sure the publish date for the Poem of the Week is prior to the publish date for the “Welcome to Shenadoah” post, which right now has the date 9/12/2012.  In order to change the date to sometime before 6/08/12 be sure to edit the “Publish Immediately” setting in the right-hand sidebar and change the date manually to something like 9/10/12. Once you add a new Poem of the Week, you will want to uncheck the announcement category on the previous week’s Poem of the Week, as well as return the date to reflect when it was actually published so that it is preserved for the Poem of the Week archive.

Also, you should add an image of the poet as the featured image on this post, and be sure the dimensions are roughly 150px wide by 150px high. You can can these dimensions automatically after you upload a featured image in the sidebar and look for the thumbnail version in the media gallery.

Finally, you need to add the Poem of the Week title to a “Custom Field”  beneath the post as follows:

Once you add Name in the Name field and Poem of the Week in the Value field you click “Add Custom Field” and you should be all set.

After that you are done.  And just wash, rinse, and repeat on a regular basis.