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Fan Fiction and Parody

From music to poetry and prose, the practice of artists sampling other artists’ work is nothing new. When a song tops the Billboard charts, it is only a matter of time before it gets chewed up and spat back out in … Continue reading

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The Rise of Fan Fiction

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then perhaps Shakespeare didn’t roll over in his grave and groan when Dreamworks retold his classic play Twelfth Night in the form of a high school romantic comedy. Questions of authenticity and … Continue reading

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John Ehle’s The Winter People

I was recently re-reading John Ehle’s The Winter People, one of the novels I regrettably had to omit from my “Appalachian Literature: Idea and Identity” syllabus.  It just missed the cut, and my memories of it (from about a decade … Continue reading

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Alyson Hagy’s BOLETO

“She had a good head.  There was nothing goat nosed or weak chinned about her.  Her jaw was a fine crescent that transitioned into a neat, clean mouth.  Her throat arced gracefully away from her jaw into a long, but … Continue reading

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R. T. Smith on SHERBURNE

Chloe Bellomy interviews Washington and Lee Writer-in-Residence R. T. Smith on his new collection of stories, Sherburne. R. T. Smith reading from Sherburne:

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Print or iPad?

With graduation on the horizon, a number of questions are burning and a subsequent number of decisions will soon need to be made.  One such decision I have already begun to probe is in what form will an English major … Continue reading

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April Fools

In light of yesterday, I thought a post honoring some of my favorite tricksters in literature couldn’t be more appropriate. At an early age, my parents would rock me to sleep with tales of Brer Rabbit and Puss and Boots. … Continue reading

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Putting Recreational Reading to “The Flannery O’Connor Test”

Flannery O’Connor once said that she stops reading a book the moment that she “would not feel a sense of loss if she were to quit reading.” Professor Smith has mentioned that he regularly reads a twenty to thirty page … Continue reading

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Movies and Literature

We have recently been talking quite a bit about Young Adult Fiction, both in our blogs and in class. In her earlier blog “When Young Adult is too Adult” Lauren Starnes questioned whether the Hunger Games was an appropriate book … Continue reading

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Illustration and literature: Can they mix?

We are studying the genre of memoir in my four-person capstone class currently. The course began with Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home—the title ironically encapsulates the story of a dysfunctional family and its funeral home business. The graphic novel is something … Continue reading

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