“Shenandoah” from an Intern’s Perspective

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One of the great things about becoming an online journal is that our digital presence has expanded. We have the opportunity to present new information and viewpoints about what it is like to work at a literary magazine and create more revenues for potential contributors to Shenandoah to get to know what it is we look for.

This winter, I directed and produced the video Welcome to Shenandoah that features our Washington and Lee University Student Interns as well as our Editor RT Smith in our “natural habitat.” What really struck me while making this video is how much interns here really get to contribute to ShenandoahWe have the opportunity to put our education to use and see the reality of what it is like to sift through the slush pile (or file) and find that submission that captures our imaginations and send it on to the editorial table. Everyone wears multiple hats and gets to see what aspects of publishing we are most suited for. Our editor makes a point to give us interesting tasks like make a promotional video or organize poetry audio recordings for the new issue.

When I first thought about going into publishing I had this idea in my head of what it would be like to work as an editor. Now, while I still enjoy reading submissions on Submittable, I find that the publicity side is the right fit for me. I am the type of person that loves to promote my new favorite book to friends and try to get the word out there about a book. I love reading reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Booklist, etc.. As a senior I am excited (and nervous) to try to break into the publishing industry because, lets face it, publishing is extremely difficult to break into, for both writers and publishers. Fingers crossed.

For those of you who are interested in what it is like to work in publishing, we have a treat for you! Check out the tumblr “LIFE IN PUBLISHING” edited by an anonymous New York City Blogger who has a knack to find videos that pinpoint what it is like to work in publishing. This blogger has got some real gems, check it out, and be ready to laugh!

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