shakesThe first week in July this space will reveal the winners of Shenandoah‘s current year prizes in poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Davis McCombs’s poem “Deterred,” appearing (June 9) on Poetry Daily, was published in Shenandoah before it appeared in his collection lore.

The Cold Mountain Review‘s current (and first on-line) issue at features an interview with Shenandoah editor R. T. Smith centering on his early days as editor of CMR.



Nolan & Camille on the job.











Judge Mark Sanders chooses Jess Quinlan’s “Wahunsenacawk” as Graybeal-Gowen Prize winner and Mary Crockett Hill’s “Memento Mori” as runner up.

April 5 — the spring issue of Shenandoah is now available.  Click on New Issue link on left-hand side of homepage, and there you’ll find poetry by David Wojahn, Michelle Boisseau, David Kirby and others, as well as stories, reviews and a Celebrating Shakespeare feature with surprising angles of entry into the contemplation of the bard — Hamlet and Dale Earnhardt as fatherless princes, the Creature from the Black Lagoon as Caliban.  And more.

*Look for Contributing Editor Sarah Kennedy’s article on witches in the recently-published Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare.


*Shenandoah is no longer considering essays — both scholarly and personal —  on Shakespeare for a special feature in our spring issue.  Look for the issue next week.



Withdrawal Policy
Writers (usually poets) wishing to withdraw a portion of a submission are requested to withdraw the entire submission, so if you send five poems and one is accepted elsewhere before we respond, please just withdraw the whole submission.  This will save our small staff from opening up the Submittable page, then opening up the text itself, then indicating what is no longer available, and so on.  We regret having to make this change, but given the ratio of submissions to assistance, we feel it’s in the best interest of efficiency.  We will continue to try to address each submission before three months have passed.  Thanks for your understanding.

–The Editor


recent-meR. T. Smith has edited Shenandoah since 1995 and serves as Writer-in-Residence at Washington & Lee. His forthcoming books are Doves in Flight: 13 Fictions and Summoning Shades: New Poems, both due in 2017.