detail, Yellow Studio, Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 50” x 60”, 2017,  Paul Wackers

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Featured Artist

Paul Wackers

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Short Stories

Bait Shop on the Bridge
Samuel Clark

Theresa Sylvester

The Burr
Tracy Sierra

Open Spaces
Chris Vanjonack

Hiroko Oyamada
Translated from Japanese by Sylvia Gallagher

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Micro Nonfiction

guest edited by jj peña

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I Go Back
Tara Shea Burke

The Flesh Tree
Niall Campbell

Batesian Mimicry
Salonee Verma

Ars Poetica
Blas Falconer

somewhere to rest
Morgan Hamill

To the Sheltering Island
Cynthia Hogue

Eric Wang

I asked about desire
Dorsía Smith Silva

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

Heroes, Villains, Clouds
Andrew Navarro

Mary Taken to the Central Lunatic Asylum
Remica Bingham-Risher

Carrie Etter

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The Birthmark
Angie Kang

How to Make a Full English
Robert James Russell

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Novel Excerpts

The Bingo World
Yeom Seungsuk
Translated from Korean by Br. Anthony

I Am Not a Woman I’m a God
Amy Lee Lillard

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“Clouds are hiding the remedy of the sun. I am grating ginger for tea, and birds are shedding feathers to warm us.”

— Karan Kapoor, “Ana & I & the sky”