In Transfemme Quarantine

when your mask covers your lipstick
but not your earrings they take longer
to _________ you at the grocery store
or they don’t __________

their eyes to you at all


what I’m really trying to say is _________


what I’m trying to _________ is the shape
of yellow and green
things that weren’t meant to grow
in the corner curbs and _________

what they can’t tell you if

you don’t match your ID
they still can’t let you
show your _________

they know suddenly
showing hurts _________

this fabric I use the color of _________

covers my mouth
like _________ does
like we _________ like gravity
will pull us away if
we lapse a moment

like our muscles
can only ever pull like
we pull _________ and weeds and

all that matters being
who’s meant to be _________

CJ Scruton is a trans, non-binary poet from the Lower Mississippi River Valley. They currently live on the Great Lakes, where they teach English and research ghost stories. Locally, they are a founding member and director of the Milwaukee Queer Writing Project and serve on the board of the Milwaukee Native American Literary Cooperative. Their work appears in The Journal, New South, Juked, CutBank, and other publications.