Volume 68, Number 2 · Spring 2019

How Could You Blues Villanelle

We fall for this life again and again
First light folds like a fleece on the cars
Did you never think it ever could end?

Though the chance for getting it right seems slim
And the news of our days runs cruel and bizarre
We fall for this life again and again

I often wonder about the ways of men—
The lies, the guns, the cries of guitar—
But never really think it should end

If the kiss be kind then show me the sin
I’ll open my shirt and show you the scar
And beg for this life again and again

It’s hard to hear myself over the din
I guess growing older has gone too far
But can you believe it’s beginning to end?

I close my eyes when I look for a friend
And key the soft hum that comes from my car
Then pull into life again and again

Sidestep the storm in your head with a grin—
We bloody the earth while it circles a star
And don’t even think it really could end

Hate to admit that I’m rounding the bend
Tapping my glass in the dust on the bar

Could you ever believe this ever would end?
Last call for this life  again and again

Tim Seibles, recently the Poet Laureate of Virginia, is the author of six collections of poetry, including Hurdy-Gurdy, Buffalo Head Solos, and Fast Animal—which was a finalist for the 2012 National Book Award and winner of the Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize. His latest, One Turn Around the Sun, was released in 2017. Tim lives in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is a professor of English and creative writing at Old Dominion University.