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rfoerster-225Richard Foerster’s sixth collection of poems, Penetralia, was published in 2011 by Texas Review Press and received the Maine Literary Award for Poetry.  He served for many years as editor of Chelsea, and his work has appeared in Poetry, Kenyon Review and Southern Review.  He has twice received NEA Literature Fellowships.

To step into this moment,
ease out of time, become

tranced with resolve,
a thought honed to a spear

that every muscle holds
poised, that belies the sinews’

malice, the quenchless feud
flowing between stillness

and intent, and stare dead-on
toward heartless void — even here,

his phalanx arrayed, the warrior
striding on the tide of his breath

may be felled by the merest quiver
sensed quisling through his thigh.