National Anxiety

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WilsonSugar Magnolia Wilson is from a valley called Fern Flat in the Far North region of New Zealand. She completed her MA in creative writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University, Wellington in 2012. She has had work published in New Zealand literary journals such as JAAM, Turbine, and Minarets.

The party is loud and seems to go on forever –
shoes stomp to the beat along gummy hardwood floors.

Late in the night, when bodies finally hang like deflated Lilos over couches,
you, in someone else’s room where the walls are only dirty white sheets,
have rough sex with the captain of the All Blacks.

He is much more aggressive than you’d imagined. His TV persona –
a giant jelly baby implanted with a sporting platitudes chip,
isn’t quite as sweet as

A short time after ripping off your black undies and going down, he
surfaces furiously to inform you that your Brazilian isn’t up to par.

You might want to rethink your strategy, work on your game, if you
know what he means. For the national good.


Nigel Brown - I AM Black Singlet, 2006 copyGlossary:
the All Blacks: New Zealand’s national rugby team
jelly baby: similar to a gummy bear

Image: “I AM Black Singlet” by Nigel Brown. Used by permission.



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