Kudos to Amina Gautier

In the current issue of The Georgia Review reviewer Greg Johnson says of Amina Gautier’s story collection At-Risk (Georgia, 2011): “Richard Wright or James Baldwin might well admire and nod their heads over such a passage.  In general Gautier’s depictions of the problems of black teenage boys in America seems dead on, and she pays equal to the plight of teenage girls.”  In a later passage, Johnson adds: “Throughout this collection, Gautier employs detail to powerful dramatic effect, so the reader can easily see her people and their world.  In Hemingway’s parlance, there are no holes in her stories….”

For Gautier’s short short “Love, Creusa,” see the flash fiction in this issue of Shenandoah.

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Writer-in-Residence R.T. Smith reads from his work at Hillel House.R. T. Smith has edited Shenandoah since 1995. His newest books are Sherburne: Stories (2012) and two collections of poems: The Red Wolf: A Dream of Flannery O’Connor (2013) and  In the Night Orchard: New & Selected Poems (2014).


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