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A Conversation with Nick Ripatrazone

Nick Ripatrazone, a contributor for the current issue of Shenandoah, has immersed himself in many aspects of the literary world, writing fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, serving as a founding editor of The Susquehanna Review, and teaching English courses at both secondary … Continue reading

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More Audible with Audacity

Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. When the Shenandoah staff has selected the works we would like to offer audibly, we invite the writers whose work (already selected for publication) we want audio … Continue reading

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Print or iPad?

With graduation on the horizon, a number of questions are burning and a subsequent number of decisions will soon need to be made.  One such decision I have already begun to probe is in what form will an English major … Continue reading

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Adrienne Rich 1929-2012

Adrienne Rich’s work so often demonstrates that poetry and politics are as close in nature as currents in a river.  She began as a poet of strict measures and understatement (though already unwilling to be “mastered by” the ordeals inflicted … Continue reading

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The Unintended Consequences of the Steve Jobs Biography

When we look at the grand scope of the influence of novels on American life throughout its history, I’m guessing that most English professors would lament that well-written novels have not managed to change the discourse in America as much … Continue reading

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Political Agendas & Poetry

In class, Professor Smith briefly commented on the passing of the poet Adrienne Rich, noting how she was particularly adept at blending poetic discourse with political dialogue. Rich seems to be a straightforward example of how a poet incorporating politics … Continue reading

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Movies and Literature

We have recently been talking quite a bit about Young Adult Fiction, both in our blogs and in class. In her earlier blog “When Young Adult is too Adult” Lauren Starnes questioned whether the Hunger Games was an appropriate book … Continue reading

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Social Media as a Language

Social media has the world in its grasp. Facebook, Twitter and even Google’s new Google+ have all stamped their names upon the word’s computer screens, smart phones, ipads, and tablets. For the majority of the population these websites provide an … Continue reading

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Poetry Daily

Poetry Daily ( is an online anthology of poetry published by The Daily Poetry Association. A new poem is featured each day chosen from books or journals currently or imminently available in print or online. Today’s poem, for example, is “All the Sciences” … Continue reading

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Shenandoah’s very own editor, R. T. Smith, is a poet. But you probably already knew that. What you might not have heard is that his poem “Shades” is the poem of the week at, and his poem “Within Shouting … Continue reading

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