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Annie Persons is currently the managing editor for Shenandoah. She is a junior English major and Creative Writing minor at Washington and Lee University. Her favorite pastimes are reading and writing, and she hopes to continue engaging with literature for the rest of her life.

The Importance of Sitting Still . . .

The Importance of Sitting Still, and Other Obvious Realizations about Literature and Life I currently am in New Haven to conduct archival work for my senior honors thesis on Hilda Doolittle (H.D.), whose correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, and all other related, … Continue reading

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Scratching the Surface of Place and Space

For my spring term class at Washington and Lee, I was lucky enough to attend an English class in England. The class was called “Shakespeare in Performance,” which, as you can probably guess, entailed mainly plays and site seeing. While … Continue reading

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Writing to Repel

I recently finished reading a memoir called Man Repeller by Leandra Medine. I tend to feel like I’m cheating on my classes when I read for pleasure during the academic term, not to mention the fact that that, at first glance, … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Endurance

   By Annie Persons I recently read an article in the online magazine Brain Pickings titled “Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized,” by Maria Popova ( The article discusses a data-map visualizing the correlation between wake-up time and … Continue reading

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Surrendering to the Static

I can’t stop wondering about the relationships between words, sounds, and physical response. This broad interest evolved from recent, specific observations in my daily life. For instance: I have a friend who mumbles to herself when she reads. The man … Continue reading

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Graybeal-Gowen Poetry Award

The submission period for this year’s GRAYBEAL-GOWEN PRIZE has arrived and runs till November 15. Click the following link to view the flyer for more information: Graybeal-Gowen Flyer

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Short Stories Finally Getting the Respect They Deserve -Sam O’Dell

The most recent Nobel Prize for Literature was just awarded to Alice Munro, a Canadian author of several collections of short stories – 15 total since her first was published in 1968. Interestingly, unlike most other fiction writers who have … Continue reading

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Footnotes and Frustration in Modern Poetry -Sam O’Dell

Some poets from the modernist movement seem determined to make me feel as uneducated as possible while reading their work. Of course, this was hardly their intent when they sat down ninety-some-odd years ago to write the poems that I’ve … Continue reading

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Conquering Stream of Consciousness Narrative -Katie Toomb

Last year I took several classes focused on Southern literature and struggled the most to keep up with the books we read by Faulkner.  His use of run-on sentences and lengthy descriptions kept me scrambling to remember what the subject … Continue reading

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Rediscovering “Ars Poetica” -Annie Persons

On Wednesday, I led my first creative writing workshop with sixth graders at the local middle school. As I signed in, nerves that had nothing to do with the school’s stringent security system quickened my pulse. I experienced an alarming … Continue reading

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