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Yes, Bruce Springsteen Counts as Poetry

  Most people would probably argue that “I love you” are the three most powerful words in the English language. At the risk of being a complete jerk, these people are wrong. The three most powerful words in the English … Continue reading

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Should You Experience What You Write About?

In Professor Wheeler’s “Poetry & Place” class this semester, we had about five or six occasions where the class discussion went from the level of “good” to “damn good”. One such occasion came up when Professor Wheeler mentioned that some … Continue reading

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Granting Legitimacy To Poetry Written Under…Unique Circumstances

So today I did a class presentation in my modern poetry class with Professor Wheeler on a poem titled “Spring” by Anna Jackson. The poet, Anna Jackson, tells the story of how she wrote the poem in under three minutes … Continue reading

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The Unintended Consequences of the Steve Jobs Biography

When we look at the grand scope of the influence of novels on American life throughout its history, I’m guessing that most English professors would lament that well-written novels have not managed to change the discourse in America as much … Continue reading

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Political Agendas & Poetry

In class, Professor Smith briefly commented on the passing of the poet Adrienne Rich, noting how she was particularly adept at blending poetic discourse with political dialogue. Rich seems to be a straightforward example of how a poet incorporating politics … Continue reading

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Putting Recreational Reading to “The Flannery O’Connor Test”

Flannery O’Connor once said that she stops reading a book the moment that she “would not feel a sense of loss if she were to quit reading.” Professor Smith has mentioned that he regularly reads a twenty to thirty page … Continue reading

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Interview With Reginald Stinson (AKA Prince Hollywood)

Listen To Song: Get Her First Earlier this afternoon, I had the fortune of conducting an interview with Reginald Stinson, an up-and-coming rapper in Queens, New York better known as “Prince Hollywood”. Hollywood has a budding reputation for well-written lyrics … Continue reading

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Comments [on the progress of the website]

(1) I know I’ve touched on this in previous comments, but I was wondering if there was some way we could create a live stream somewhere on the page. One of the risks of running a website that only updates … Continue reading

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