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Us vs. Them

Literary types these days seem to feel cornered and outnumbered by “them,” people who simultaneously champion greater use of technology in learning and encourage the decreased study of literary fiction and poetry. One example of this assault on reading is … Continue reading

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Can Horror be Literary?

I was hesitant at first to write a Halloween-related blog post because it feels a little trite. Visit almost any type of blog—food, music, film—and you’ll likely encounter a Halloween-related post. A Guide to Candy Corn Decorated Jack-O-Lanterns. Creepiest Songs … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on being somewhat educated

As the semester, and the Shenandoah Internship, concluded this week, I prepared to return home to Southside Virginia, where I will spend some of the break working at the local library.  Yesterday was my first day back at the library, … Continue reading

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Nonfiction… Or is it?

In one of the English courses I’m taking, we frequently discuss creative nonfiction, and what kinds of rules should be imposed on works within the genre, for accuracy’s sake. I had been planning on posting about this for a while, … Continue reading

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