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Workshop Blues

With my usual trepidation, I’m reading manuscripts, sharpening my perceptions, concocting exercises to prepare myself to lead another brief poetry writing workshop.  I’ve been a participant from time to time in the kind of leaderless, round robin cabal that often … Continue reading

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John Ehle’s The Winter People

I was recently re-reading John Ehle’s The Winter People, one of the novels I regrettably had to omit from my “Appalachian Literature: Idea and Identity” syllabus.  It just missed the cut, and my memories of it (from about a decade … Continue reading

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My Favorite Word

Why isn’t contemporary English good enough for me?  As I run through the glossary of terms which crop up often in my writing, no particular word gives off a luster that sparks my heart more than my mind, though owl  … Continue reading

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