Poetry Daily

Poetry Daily (poems.com) is an online anthology of poetry published by The Daily Poetry Association. A new poem is featured each day chosen from books or journals currently or imminently available in print or online. Today’s poem, for example, is “All the Sciences” by Laura Eve Engel from Black Warrior Review. The site also has a well-organized and accessible system of archives, an iPad/iPhone application, and a Twitter account. Go explore Poetry Daily today!

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One Response to Poetry Daily

  1. R.T. Smith says:

    William Carlos Williams told us that, while we can’t get the news from poems, people die daily for lack of what can be found in poems. Pound says poetry is news that stays new. No institution I know of is more dedicated to reminding us of these important facts than Poetry Daily. An apple a day is a a good plan (except perhaps for our mischievous ancestors in Eden), but an apple and a poem is an even better one. Was it Gandhi who recommended that we live every day as if we were to die tomorrow but learn every day as if we would live forever? Poetry Daily helps out on both counts.

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