Dasher, Dancer, Prencer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen, Margaret Thatcher

Robert Grattan:

As an English major at W&L, I’ve read masterful authors such as Melville and Hawthorne, cultural storytellers like Leslie Marmon Silko and Maxine Hong Kingston, and enjoyed short stories by Hemmingway and Twain in classroom settings across campus.

It’s easy to see important writing as done only by authors with bestselling books or with published anthologies, but at Shenandoah, I get to read work by people who are closer to you and me. The writing isn’t as polished as Hawthorne and Hemmingway or as sharp as Alexie and Twain, but these writers take their work in different directions and end up in places that authors we read in the classroom rarely visit. Sometimes these places don’t merit a visit, but other times, I leave Shenandoah a story has grabbed me– I find myself constantly returning to it throughout the day.

As Shenandoah moves online, I know that we can continue to bring to our readers these kind of stories that you can’t help but think about for the rest of the day. As Mr. Smith can tell you, the internet can offer both exciting possibilities and huge technical difficulties. Hopefully, Shenandoah will be equal to the challenges and able to take advantage of the opportunities. It’s an exciting time to be an intern at Shenandoah, I know that we can make it an exciting time to be a reader as well.