Assistant Editor’s Poem Featured

barnCongratulations to SHENANDOAH Assistant Editor Will Wright, whose poem “Barn Gothic”(originally published in SHENANDOAH) is currently featured on Brian Brodeur’s  blog “How a Poem Happens” ( and will likely remain the featured poem throughout December.  Wright answers a series of questions posed by Brodeur to all the poets he published, thus providing a useful stable template for comparing poets’ processes, their employment of form, their view of narrative, etc.  Over a hundred poets have appeared on this site in the past half dozen years, and it provides a valuable tool for examining a core sample of American poetry today.

Red as a cardinal in winter, it leans ruined
in a gray field. . . .


recent-meR. T. Smith has edited Shenandoah since 1995 and serves as Writer-in-Residence at Washington & Lee. His forthcoming books are Doves in Flight: 13 Fictions and Summoning Shades: New Poems, both due in 2017.