August Imaginings: On the Poetry of Reality

by David Wojahn

We weren’t worthy or sure enough of ourselves to catch hold of the subjects beyond our reach –Julia Hartwig, “Meditation (On Czeslaw Milosz)”      My favorite literary feud came to its moment of crisis in 1979, in an interview … Continue reading

The Rare Virtue of Interior Spaciousness; or, Bigger on the Inside

by Amy Reading

“It is pleasant to read about whales through their own spectacles,” Ishmael says, and I will have to take his word for it, not having a strip of sperm whale cuticle to test out the matter for myself. He is … Continue reading

Charlotte Mew: The Art of the Mask

by Lisa Taddeo

                                      Hidden Sex  It’s arguable in some cases, indisputable in others, that writing about unrequited love yields penetrating work. It’s the particular agonizing discomfort of the emotion that gives an artist both the single-minded focus to write at … Continue reading

Significant Otters

by Daniel Paul

A: INTERESTING OTTER FACTS A few years ago, while on a wildlife sightseeing cruise in Alaska, our boat encountered a group of North Pacific Sea Otters swimming placidly off the port bow. As the passengers scrambled about the deck, trying … Continue reading