MONTICELLO IN MIND: 50 Contemporary Poems on Jefferson (UVA, 2016), edited by Lisa Russ Spaar

by Philip Belcher

Although William Faulkner’s oft-paraphrased claim that “[t]he past is never dead. It’s not even past,” is by its own terms continuously relevant, there are times during which its applicability seems more immediate than others. This is one of those times. … Continue reading

A FREE STATE (Harper, 2015) by Tom Piazza

by Hendley Badcock

Tom Piazza’s third novel A Free State transports its readers to antebellum America, where a third-generation-Irish-immigrant farm boy and a black slave share more than their unsympathetic upbringings. Both young men are runaways who’ve traded harsh working conditions and brutal … Continue reading

SWEET CARESS (Bloomsbury, 2015) by William Boyd

by Sarah Kennedy

William Boyd’s Sweet Caress (Bloomsbury 2015) is a sweeping novel written in the voice of one English woman, Amory Clay—but in two different time frames.  An epic story of one woman’s life, punctuated by her experiences with both World Wars, … Continue reading