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Photo of Miriam N.Kotzin   copyMiriam Kotzin is a professor of English at Drexel University and edits Per Contra. She writes poetry and short short stories, and her books include Reclaiming the Dead (New American Press, 2009), Weights & Measures (Star Cloud Press, 2010) and Just Desserts: Short Stories (Star Cloud Press, 2010). She holds a Ph. D. from NYU.

1. from the introduction to Emily Dickinson’s Letters by Mabel Loomis Todd

The lovers eager
(a passing mood),

she kept no journal.

in her garden,
dark finger-tips

hold a shadow.

2 from the introduction to Emily Dickinson’s Letters by Thomas H. Johnson

The husbandry of mornings
and afternoons aside

delayed (perhaps a day or two)
approaching death.

She was still.

At the end of a tether.
habit, thread-tied, held.

3 from the Introduction to The Master Letters edited by R.W. Franklin

The heart a little distant
claims few Prerogatives—
nothing more destroyed.

To slant the Truth—
no mention
of obscured Uncertainty—
stray marks have been ignored.