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Thomas Reiter has published five full-length books of poetry, the most recent being Catchment, LSU Press, 2009. He has been awarded the Daily News Poetry Prize from The Caribbean Writer and the Boatwright Poetry Prize from Shenandoah. He is Emeritus Professor of Humanities at Monmouth University, where he held the Wayne D. McMurray Endowed Chair in the Humanities.

Dry October, the shallows move
across briary ground
so lightly, slowly, there are
cloud flowers on the bedrock.

On the stream bank, lichen
the color of litmus leafs out
on stones, and in that tough company
here’s the pearly everlasting,

each flower head a cluster
of tiny full moons.
Centerpiece in a dry vase,
they will not change all winter.

Look: Our shadows keep
the frost on stone-bound lichen…
no burden. We bend together,
gathering the everlasting.