Wasted Blues Villanelle

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timTim Seibles’s books include Hammerlock and Fast Animal, a finalist for the National Book Award.  For more biographical information, see the interview with Tim Seibles in this issue.

All that you see is a matter of taste
The First World trolls with a fist full of ones
Maybe the mind’s not a bad thing to waste

In fact, it’d be better to spit out the bait
Run away laughing, your lungs full of fun
Everything here’s just a matter of taste

You can hide and still see there’s too much to face
I chase Star Trek repeats, my phaser on stun
The mind really ain’t no bad thing to waste

At sixty, it seems I been running in place
The tuna get Bluefin; the salmon are glum
Whatever we crave is a platter of taste

Wish Batman and Robin could work on this case
I trail, I backtrack but can’t find the One
Looks like my time is going to waste

I kill myself asking what’s wrong with this place?
The dark and the day walk the lot of us home
Who says what I think is a matter of taste?

They tell me I better just get back to base
If only they knew how far I had run
When you hunger for heaven, your head needs a taste

So many people did not leave a trace
I try to hold on but can’t find my thumbs

Is all of this really a matter of taste?
The mind shouldn’t be such a terrible place


One Response to Wasted Blues Villanelle

  1. Kim says:

    Villanelles are hard, and though this one stretches the form, I like it. I like the middle rhymes on “un.” It’s such a deceptively light syllable, but serves well for this poem’s dark turn. Also, I enjoyed the “Star Trek repeats” line.

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