Some Things That Allowed Us to Access Life’s Joys

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phanKevin Phan’s poetry has recently been accepted for publication in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Cider Press Review, Subtropics, Fence and elsewhere.  His first poetry manuscript was a finalist for the Crab Orchard Review Open Competition and as a finalist in the 2014 Colorado Review book prize competition,  He spends his free time working with Zach Smith on a “visual poem”/kid’s book titled “Whales in Space.”  Find out more at

The saw’s water changed
from clear to an earthy red ignition—
the color of myself inside.

Kara & I named the puddle beneath
the Corolla The Gulf of Valvoline
& rang the slick with our spits & laughter.

A half-frozen worksite in winter. Ice
pop-fractured under my boot prints.
Each step webbed into its own art.

Coconut milk simmered rice
infused with cardamom pods
& being offered seconds, twice.

Jasmine tea soaked honeydew,
juice rushed around my mouth
& chocolate-chip banana bread all winter.

James Brown, Live at the Apollo, howled
“Baby, baby, baby… baby, baby, baby…”
while we edge-died sutras.

Downpours glazed the worksite.
Shielded by raingear, I watched
puddles rush my boot prints.

Casting columns, Elza’s husky voice
warned of a rainbow of bees, a rainbow of bees
through his cow-brown beard.

Our annual bonfire. We burned
sacred texts, hanging a blue
smoke quilt over the gravel road.

That dream: clouds charged
underground— rivers took flight—
whales orbited the moon.