We Three

by Frankie McMillan

Frankie McMillan – we three and almost there, the long gravel road, headlights sweeping the paddocks and he slows and says this is not working out and I say, sweetheart we are almost home but we both know it’s not … Continue reading

Hitching Alone for the First Time

by Maria McMillan

Maria McMillan – Hitching alone for the first time I took a bus to the outskirts of the town I grew up in. It was so flat. The Southern Alps blared at me like a car radio. It was drizzling … Continue reading


by Emma Neale

Emma Neale – Alchemy The toys aren’t doing what they should, his brother won’t use the voice he wants, the window is in the cold clear way of the world, he wants a helicopter now, but all we can say … Continue reading

At Your Own Risk Mate

by Sandi Sartorelli

Sandi Sartorelli – At Your Own Risk Mate The sign said Enter At Your Own Risk and I want you to know I nearly didn’t go. If it had said Danger Keep Out maybe I would’ve gone home. Like I … Continue reading

Possession No. 33

by Chris Price

Chris Price – Possession no. 33 I was dusting my head with my hair when the jaw shot out of my filing cabinet with a clack of dental castanets. Someone was pulling my strings. Then my legs began to jitter … Continue reading

Graveyard Poem

by Sue Wootton

Sue Wootton – Graveyard Poem (2012) In a cemetery in sunlight with names wept into granite, I lie on a grave under a defoliating oak, crisp leaves flittering. Concrete cold creeps into my spine, aligns me with death. But the … Continue reading